Books That Made Britain

Books That Made Britain takes us on an incredible journey of the great cities and landscapes that have inspired some of the most-loved books on our bookshelves.  The landscapes themselves have inspired unforgettable stories too.  Presenters across the country have fronted each of the 11 regional versions from an area they know and love.  Martha Kearney was in East Anglia, ‘Suggs’ Graham McPherson in London, John Wedgwood Clarke in the North of England, and Gemma Cairney was exploring Bristol.  Alice Levine was in her hometown of Nottingham, Chris Donald in the North East, Damian Barr in the South East, Chris Packham in the South West, Qasa Alom in the West Midlands, Craig Henderson in the South and Simon O’Brien in the North West.  The documentaries are part of the BBC #LoveToRead season. Books That Made Britain, a series of documentaries in the #LovetoRead season, is now available on BBC iPlayer.


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