Paul Hope - Policing the Paranormal

On Thursday 11th December at 7.30pm Manx born author Paul Hope will be at the library to give a talk about his new book ‘Policing the Paranormal’ which unlocks the secrets of exactly what goes on after dark in the buildings State legislators and officials frequent in Virginia State Capitol. Tickets for the event are free and can be collected in advance from the ground floor counter.

Policing the Paranormal

 Paul was born and raised in Anagh Coar and attended Ballakermeen High School. After leaving high school he worked at the Nautilus Fitness Centre in Strand Street (one of the haunted locations detailed in his book), and at Studebakers for a couple of years, as a bouncer until he moved to the U.S in 1996. Shortly after moving to the U.S, Paul joined the U.S Army as an infantryman, serving with the infamous 1st Cavalry Regiment out of Fort Hood, Texas. Shortly after completing a 7 month combat deployment to Bosnia in 1999, he was promoted to Sergeant. Paul received an honourable discharge in June 2001 and became a police officer with the Virginia Division of Capitol Police in Richmond in July 2001.

He served as a patrol officer with the Division of Capitol Police until late 2004, and it was while serving with this department that Paul experienced, and learned of the experiences of others, the amazing paranormal activity detailed in his book. In fact, after personally experiencing several paranormal events during his tenure with Capitol Police, and after hearing from many of his colleagues their own amazing personal paranormal experiences in and around the historic Virginia Capitol location, Paul was motivated to write the book. It was with their assistance that he was able to develop the concept and record the experiences for others to read about.

In late 2004, Paul gained employment with a much larger law enforcement agency, the Hanover County Sheriff's Office, located on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia. While with the Sheriff's Office, he served in several capacities, including Patrol Officer, Narcotics Investigator/DEA Task Force Officer, Firearms Instructor, and SWAT Team member. In November 2010, Paul resigned from the Sheriff's Office in order to pursue opportunities as a Private Security Contractor in Afghanistan, and has been employed in the security/Close Protection field since January 2011. Paul plans to leave Afghanistan for good in December 2014 and return to the Sheriff's Office early in 2015 to continue his law enforcement career.

Paul has been married since 2003 and lives on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, with his 9 year old daughter. He also has a 15 year old son who lives with his mum in North Carolina. Other than a couple of published articles for law enforcement magazines, his book, ‘Policing The Paranormal’, is his first major published work.

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